This book is dedicated to the life and memory of

Wade Barrow Rogers

He was a good son and a fine man, and he knew something about living against the grain.

(His photograph graces the cover of the book)


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As a child, Grant Ravenel learned to distrust conventional medical wisdom as he watched doctors stand by while his brain-injured father died. His distrust only increased as he progressed through medical school, internship, and residency. Later, as a practicing neurosurgeon, when his patients’ lives were on the line he chose to rely exclusively on his own training, experience, and instinct, even when his conclusions ran counter to his colleagues’ judgment. It nearly cost him everything.

Those who read this memorable novel will never think of surgery in the same way again. Written by a distinguished, retired brain surgeon, told with authority, it is the all-too-real story of the politics, failures, rivalries, cover-ups, and timidity in contemporary medicine. It is also an account of the sacrifice, integrity, brilliance and humanity on the part of many in the profession. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to those courageous, healing hearts and hands.

With surgical precision Larry Rogers tells a gripping story which lays bare the inner workings of the medical world.
Mary Hunter Daly

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