Dr. Larry Rogers was introduced to the philosophy and technique of microneurosurgery by Professor Yasargil in 1973 during five weeks in Zurich as a fourth-year resident from the University of Texas-Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. He received his undergraduate degree from Davidson College and graduated from the Duke Medical School. Ultimately he practiced neurosurgery in Charlotte, North Carolina for twenty-seven years. He has authored or co-authored four previous books, three of which involve microsurgery, including a novel set in the 1980s.

Larry Rogers is married to a wonderful lady and has five adult children, including two daughters (an obstetrician-gynecologist and a major league baseball writer) and three sons (one a college professor and two computer entrepreneurs, one of whom is deceased.) In the fall his day job involves coaching high school football players.


The book photograph (left) reveals a 29-year-old version of the author!

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